New State Store Launch

7th Mar 15

For months now, we've been working around the clock to get the new website up and running plus sourcing brands and garments from around the world. It's finally here!

It's exciting to be able to bring our project to life finally and offer out some of the worlds highest quality clothing alongside some of the design greats of the past century. We source the highest quality clothes straight from artisans and designers around the world. Whether they be in their new state or vintage state, each item is a good as the next

At New State Store, we believe in lasting garments with that timeless design quality. Garments that will look as good in 10 years as they do right now. Which is why the vintage clothing we offer isn't just your average vintage clothing:

Clothes pick up characteristics over time. New clothes are like a blank canvas, over time they'll begin to fade or develop changes that turn them into your favourite piece. A lot of designers today aim to offer copies of garments that have been in the past. We aim to actually offer the garments that inspire them alongside the modern day re-productions.

The vintage garments we sell are testament to the new garments. Every garment we sell has taken a journey from it's new state into it's vintage state and shows that journey in the way it has developed. Like a good pair of denim, every garment shows characteristics.

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